Done! :-)

by LP

Yup, I all my classes are done, all work has been handed in and I even survived the theatre thing, so I am officially done with university related things for 2014! An “end of year” post will happen next week, because thinking that I would be able to write one after having spent two 12-hour days on my feet doing make up, hair and helping people get (un)dressed, was just, uh, not so realistic.

Apart from writing that post and waiting for my new washer/dryer combo to arrive (I am without a washing mashine at the moment – thankfully I’m too tired to get stressed about it), the coming week I will finally have time to get some sleep, to get through the pile of paperwork that I’ve been trying to ignore for a couple of weeks now and to start selecting pictures for my sketchbook project. To make up (ha!) for the fact that this post is very low on both the info and the energy, have a preview/outtake (not sure yet) of one of the light grafiti photos I shot earlier tonight:

Light grafiti

*goes off to wash some more brushes and sponges*