On schedule

by LP

With everybody doing end of year/recap type posts, I felt compelled to do one too, until I realised that for me, this isn’t really the end of the year: I’m only half way. Recap post will therefore be happening in July, as always.

At the moment, I’m enjoying 1 1/2 weeks off and for the first time in 4 years, “off” actually means “off”. I am completely on schedule and I don’t have lingering extended deadlines I need to get things done for, which feels GREAT. Apart from sleeping a ridiculous lot, I’ve been working on selecting pictures for my Sketchbook Project 2015 entry, which is coming along nicely and will most definitely be ready on time. I have also started on the final draft of The Berk zine, and have been compiling material for the zine still named Zine #2, so those projects are also still on their way.

While I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I am planning 2015 to be the year in which I finish up all the “loose ends” (zines, Sketchbooks, STUDIES!!!) and start envisioning what ~the next phase~ will look like. You can all probably imagine that as a person who enjoys having DONE things more than actually doing them, I am REALLY looking forward to that. So onto more writing I go! See you all in the new year! 🙂