Happy 2015!

by LP

First of all: happy 2015 everybody! I hope your year has started off well, and if not, that it will start being awesome as soon as possible.

This month will be spent finishing up the linguistics class I am taking. The people who enjoy doing questionaires will have a field day tomorrow, as I will be posting one then. Unlike the previous one, this one will be short, sweet and (hopefully) simple, no counting on fingers necessary. Hopefully, I will be able to get some wonderful data that I can then turn into both a presentation and a paper, which will help me pass the class.

Once that is done, it will be time for the second semester. I will finally be taking a couple (as in: 2) classes I haven’t done before, on top of two I’ve already done-but-not-taken-(all)-the-exam(s)-for. One of the new classes is actually completely new: it’s a creative writing class which previously did not exist at the UvA at all. Yeah, I know. Then again, I’m not too upset about it not existing previously, because if it had, I would never have gone to Berkeley and I don’t want to entertain that thought for even a second.

The other class will be the preparation-for-your-thesis class. I am still entertaining several ideas as to what I’m going to be writing about that are all subject to change (read: I’m probably not going to be writing about Polari, no matter how interesting I think it is), but I have decided that I will be writing about a linguistic subject and not a literary one, so there might be even more questionaires happening along the way.