Reshooting the Ghost Ship

by LP

This week, I had some technical setbacks: not only did my fancy smart phone give up the ghost, the SD card on which I had a couple of pictures for my sketchbook project also crashed terminally, so I had to reshoot a light sculpture and a Christmas tree. By myself. In the dark. Not my favorite activity, as apparently there’s still men who are so bewildered by a woman with a camera, let alone a woman with a camera and a tripod, that they feel the need to assert their patheticness by yelling stupidities and/or braking and driving by reaaaaally slowly, while staring in a not-too-intelligent way. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

Anyway, despite this annoyingness, I did manage to get the pictures I needed. I now have all the pictures for my sketchbook project printed and ready to be pasted. A post on this process to follow of course. For now, have an a-tad-too-fast gif of some of the outtakes of the ghost ship:

Boat on fire

Ghost Ship