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Month: February, 2015

“Stupidity at University – 5 short stories of WTF!?” – online zine

This weekend, I really wanted to so something creative,¬†preferably work on my Sketchbook Project entry, but I just wasn’t in the right mood for that project. It is going to be about city lights, insomnia, and other topics that profit from a bit of a contemplative mood while writing about them. My mood however was !#$@%$#$^@!

I went through my “List of Projects 2014 – forevah”-list and almost immediately spotted the ideal project for this type of mood: a short zine about 5 of the most ridiculously WTF!? interactions I’ve had with grown *ss mature adults in a university setting. I got to work and here it is:

Enjoy! ūüôā


Not a listicle (well, not really)

As last week was a bit too busy and the next one will be equally a bit too busy too, I decided to do ab-so-lute-ly nothing this weekend. The only thing I did was customise a onesie into a post-operative cat outfit¬†and be very relieved that Clark doesn’t seem to mind wearing it. Although he looks very cute in it, I really do hope his surgical wound heals up quickly so he doesn’t have to wear it anymore.

Apart from this, in the last week I have:

  • started both the new semester and the new block, so two classes;
  • completely “remodelled” my r√©sum√© according to the newest trends I was introduced to at a workshop, as these things tend to change over the years. As I am significantly older than the regular student and sincerely wonder if it will be of any relevance to future employers that I worked as a cashier at a supermarket 15+ years ago, I will be making an appointment with a Specialised Person who will hopefully be able to enlighten me;
  • started research and the writing of an outline for my BA thesis;
  • bought a fancy usb-stick in the shape of a pastry to backup said research on and two packs of 500 A4 pages of printing paper;
  • made some appointments left and right that will hopefully lead to Things That Will Be Announced Once They’re Certain;
  • started physically (as in: I went to visit) researching possible MA studiesand last but not least
  • actually figured out what are going to be the topics of Zine #2, how I’m going to be writing about them, and I’ve also decided that the working title is going to be the official title, because why not. So from now on “Zine #2” will be referred to as “The Wreckage”, making the trilogy “The Summer – The Wreckage – The Berk”. Work on both The Wreckage and The Berk will continue on an infrequent but continuing basis, “Slow motion is better than no motion”-style, until they’re done.

If all goes according to my plans, I will FINALLY have some time next weekend to start working on the final stage of my entry for the Sketchbook Project 2015, which would be great. *hums “slow motion is better than no motion” like a mantra*

Interesting side effects

Those who either know me, have seen my highly edited Instagram-selfies (no, I¬†don’t wake up like this – at all) or have read my LP Style zine, know that since the beginning of this academic year, I’ve been wearing wigs and heaps of make up. The original reason for this was that years of fighting both my hair texture and my hair colour (read: straightening and dyeing), combined with a vitamin D deficiency, heaps of stress and about 5 courses of antibiotics in the last 3 1/2 years, had turned my hair into a thin, destroyed mess. Apparently there’s only so much dead material can take. Apart from that, I was sick and tired of having to spend time and money and still always be unhappy with what my hair looked like. So I decided it was time to let my hair just grow for a while and wear wigs in the mean time.

The heaps of make up came with that, because for some reason I tend to look really weird if I’m only wearing a wig with no make up. I do my make up without a wig on and I know that when I think “Hmm, I’m half a step removed from looking like the MC from Cabaret!” I can put on the wig and look ~natural~. Okay, okay, I look like a total cake face, but at least I don’t look weird anymore. Come to think of it, this is probably because my wigs are all a bit on the theatrical (read: loads of hair) side and the cake face complements it. Another reason for me applying my make up quite royally is that I have¬†a ridiculous make up stash¬†that is on the verge of perishing which I am trying to get through before it actually does.

As a joke I told myself “You know, with the new hair and the new face you might as well pretend to be a new person; somebody who gets to class on time and just gets things done!” And funnily enough, this strategy seems to actually work! I was 5 minutes late only once, handed all my assigments in on time, needed zero extensions, and didn’t have any freak outs while preparing exams or writing papers. I really hope this wasn’t some fluke and that I can keep fooling myself like this, because I actually quite enjoy the process this way, and would love to keep it up for the rest of my studies. *goes to wash her wig in laundry detergent*