Back on my feet – sorta

by LP

Some of you might have noticed that I didn’t update last Sunday: I unfortunately got struck by the tail end of the Sonic Deathflu™ that was making its rounds around here. My illness was short but heavy, only by Thursday was I well enough to venture outside for a doctor’s visit, who concluded that it was indeed the Sonic Deathflu™ and nothing more serious. I am still extremely tired, but will be starting classes again this Tuesday.

In the meantime all sorts of things have happened at the UvA: the Bungehuis building that was occupied by students was evacuated by riot police, and now the Maagdenhuis building is being occupied. I am quite curious what, if anything, will come out of all the talking and consenting finger-waving happening there at the moment. I personally feel zero need to involve myself with the proceedings, as I personally don’t believe (the Humanities at) the UvA can be “saved”, nor that they should be saved in their current incarnation, really. Had I known beforehand what I know now, I would have never even started this degree, let alone at this particular university, but now that I’m “stuck” here, I just want to get it over with and leave, never to return again. Just 10 more months.

This “getting it over with” is slowly but surely moving forward: I just got word that I passed the linguistics class I did the questionaire for, so I will soon be writing a post on the what and the how of what I was researching. But first I have to rewrite the rewritten version of the second first draft of my thesis proposal, to be handed in this week. Wish me luck!