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Month: April, 2015

Write a ton

While I try to finish up a 2500 word mid-term, a 2000 word mid-term, a 6-page mid-term, a 10 page short story and 6 2-page critiques, have a video of one of my favorite songs ever:


Future career goals

Peeps, I have found my life’s purpose! As soon as I’m done with my studies, I’m going to dedicate my life to Decoden. Deco-what? Decoden:


I have always wanted one of these beyond tacky @#$#$@% awesome phone cases, but for some reason never realised that they are perfectly easy to make. Just some sillicone, a piping bag, a plastic cover and some cabochons (= the thingies you stick onto the phone), it’s probably the least amount of materials I’ve ever needed for any of my projects! 😀

Although I promised myself I wouldn’t do any more projects than I already have on my list this summer, I’m most definitely making one of these cases as soon as this semester is over. *yells “Gimme ALL the cabochons!!!” like the 39-year-old teenager she is*

Dancing in the streets

Last Thursday, I got an email saying that my sketchbook has arrived in Brooklyn already! It’s always a bit scary sending one of a kind material off, and I am very happy that it did arrive, and so quickly too. It will now get scanned and entered into the online database before going off on tour, I will of course post the link as soon as the book is viewable.

For now, a thing that has made me very happy this week:


The Sketchbook Project 2015 is DONE!

In my last post, I wrote about needing to move on after an unsuccesful paper because heaps of deadlines were coming up. One of these deadlines was for The Sketchbook Project 2015.

This year, I started out way earlier than in other years and the plan was to adhere to a January deadline and not the actual one in March. However, being of the “no deadline = no work” variety, I did not manage to do this and finished it up on the 30th of March, one day before the deadline. Which is a vast improvement from finishing it 3 minutes before the deadline and then running to the post office, hoping it’s still open.

Of course I’ve taken pictures of the process, that wasn’t very elaborate this time, as I had already done most of the work. Click on the cover here below to go to Flickr to see the photos:

Cover sketchbook 2015