Moon adventures!

by LP

Last week was not the best week sleep-wise. My newish upstair neighbour decided singlehandedly that he would use his apartment for a fraternity “get together” that existed of lots of loud singing, screaming and cursing that went on until 2 am. Why anyone would “voluntarily” inflict this crap onto other people/submit themselves to this kind of mental abuse is beyond me, but there’s nothing I can change about that.

I did not punch him in the face, but did sent him a nice but firm letter basically telling him that I will report his ass to the rental agency if this ever happens again. After which he apologised(!) and promised never to do it again. File under: highly unexpected response was highly unexpected. Now let’s hope he really likes his apartment and that the fear of potentially losing it wins out over peer pressure.

All this to explain why I was awake on Saturday night and went outside in my pyjamas to take (freehand, as I am not comfortable shooting on my tripod at night all by myself) this picture of what I will call the Pre-Moon (all pictures can be clicked to embiggen:

IMG_4737Nice huh?

The night after, I was asleep and had no plans of waking up to shoot the SuperBloodyMegaMoon, or whatever they called it, but for reasons unknown I DID wake up and then decided that, since I was awake anyways, I’d go outside and tripod it up:



For those thinking: “That’s weird, that her handheld picture is not shaky at all, while her tripod picture is a little”: I know. I blame te waaay longer shutter speed, in combination with being on a big ball of matter that is hurling through space/the object photographed being a smaller ball of matter hurling through space/cars driving by/me doing a “Red globe! It’s a red globe!”-dance a bit too closely to the tripod setup. Note to self for the next red moon in 2033: no dancing close to the tripod.

And because I’m still baffled by the concept of being able to shoot with 6400 ASA(!!!) I also took this ~artsy~ picture that actually is a more realistic representation of the colour of the moon than the previous one:


See also: bonus stars! Yay!

ETA: none of these pictures have been Photoshopped/filtered/whatevered. 🙂