“I thought it said ‘university’ on the door?”

by LP

Back in prehistoric times, I studied philosophy at the same university I’m studying English at right now. I still vividly remember the day I walked out to never return. It was during a logic class where nobody was paying attention. The frustrated teacher wrote a formula on the blackboard:

If A = yes
If B = yes
A = B

If A = no
If B = yes
A ≠ B

Or something similar-ish. Next to me, a girl who kept introducing herself to everybody as “I’m a model, so you now think I’m stupid but I’m not!”, raised her hand and said: “I don’t understand. You keep saying “is not” while you write down that weird symbol.” The teacher then proceeded to try and explain to her that the sign for “is” with a strikethrough meant “is not”. To no avail.

Then, semi-simultaneously, this piece of shit excuse for a human being dude behind me said to his friend: “Being a pilot, I’ve fucked a lot of hot chicks, but since I also study philosophy I get to bang even hotter ones!” BAM. I was of course having other issues both related and unrelated to my studies, but this was the final straw: when the class was over, I walked out of the building and didn’t return for 15 years.

I was recently reminded of this incident during one of the classes I am taking right now: nobody is paying attention, everybody is on Facebook, people talk amongst themselves, our teacher is frustrated to the point of kicking people out and there’s even somebody doing the “I don’t understand”-dance. So basically, it’s this video:

The only difference being that the person in our class doing the “I don’t understand”-dance IS paying attention: they are apparently just utterly and completely incapable of abstract thought. Which is both sad for them, because they really do try, and terrifying, in that they’ve managed to get to the final year of their university BA without abstract thinking skills.

As you can imagine, this class is unbelievably exhausting: after these two hours, I am just done for the day. To be honest, I am quite impressed with myself that I haven’t gone “Fuck this shit!” yet and walked out. Anyway, it’s just one more class with this poor teacher, then the exams and then 7 more weeks with another teacher and hopefully less abstract material. Wish me luck!