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Month: November, 2015

And now for something completely different

Since I have ab-so-lute-ly nothing positive or even remotely interesting to say on this godawful stormy day, have an awesome documentary about the origins of ballet:


[title goes here]

According to my doctor, all infections have left my body, so that’s a yay! I still do feel run over by a truck, then stampeded by 25 horses, but according to her “That is to be expected”. My doctor is a very straighforward and practical woman. Despite not feeling like my usual self yet, I am very happy not to be spending my days half in a daze, only getting out of the haze it to ingest another pill – 17 times a day.┬áLet’s just hope this vague lingering stomach ache subsides quicky so I can get on with my life in full force.

I did get on with my life in semi-force this week: I had to figure out if and if so, how I would be moving on with my studies. After discussing my situation with my teachers, supervisor and study advisor, I have decided to first focus on finishing up my final class. Thankfully, the resit for the exam of that class I missed due to illness has been postponed to January, so I don’t have to do three exams in one week. I will mostly focus on the general exam and also try and pass the other (literature) exam, but if I don’t pass that, that’s not a huge deal, as there is still a resit I can do in January too.

Work on my thesis has been postponed until January, which means that I won’t be graduating in February unfortunately – I am now aiming for March. While this is frustrating and annoying and it feels like I’m running a marathon that gets extended all the time, this is the only way I still have a decent chance at graduating this academic year, so I’ll have to take it. Slow motion is better than no motion, easy does it, one day at the time, one foot in front of the other, etcetera etcetera.

Online Business Writing Class done!

Despite my current pneumonic misery, I finally have happy news: I finished my Online Business Writing Class! *cheers*

As is obvious from the name, this 8 week class was taught completely online except for a short introductory meeting in the first week. The class focussed on extremely practical things like informal and formal writing, how to write a letter/email to ask for information regarding university courses, how to write a CV and cover letter for a job or internship, how to write a report, a memo and invites.

You’d think that as an English BA student these things would have been taught to us at some point, but nope. For some reason our department is apparently convinced that it’s more useful to teach us phonology once – and to never speak of it again, than to instruct us how to write an appropriate cover letter. They probably figure that since we’re getting a BA in English, we’ll never get a job anyway, so why bother? #bitterbitch

But semi-joking bitterness aside, I do think it’s a big loss that this elective does not get (more) promo. It is quite unknown in general (there were 9 people doing the course) but more specifically to English BA students. I myself came across it by accident: waiting outside the study advisor’s office I saw a folder on the corkboard advertising this class. I then has to call twice (no answer) and email somebody to figure out the details. Knowing about and registering for a class should not be this much of a hassle, people.

But yeah, the class itself was awesome and very useful, and I’ve inched 8 more study points towards graduation! *cheers again*

The sick and the suck – continued (plus one of my favorite songs)

After a couple of days in which I seemed to be better, yesterday morning I woke up with a throat ache, a fever and an up-and-coming sinus infection. Because misery loves company, my dear catfriend Clark decided to start walking even funkier than he already did. I’ll spare you the details, but it was quite terrifying and I was scared that This Was It.

After a horrid night with no sleep I immediately took him to the vet for an emergency visit, who thankfully reassured me that Clark is ok. Considering, of course. I mean, I know he’s bound to die, but I just didn’t want it to be today, and it’s not. Clark himself is of course unaware of all my worries and is nosesleeping in my bed as we speak.

All in all, this wasn’t the best of days, especially not since I’m now slowly but surely losing my voice too: the squeaky noises I produce are interesting, I sound like a cross between a seagull and… some other sea animal that makes hoarse noises. Insert your favorite.

To thank you for reading this entire misery fest, have a video of one of my favorite songs ever. From the “Made for Dolby Surround” opening to the fantastic vocal finale (from 4:30 or so on), I deeply love this song:

Back(ish) on the horse

Not much news around here, the last two weeks have been a string of “I feel sick – Hey, I feel better – Nope, I feel sick again”, so it’s fair to say I haven’t been a happy camper. Or a happy anything really, especially not since I am once again at a point where I need to start catching up on things. Yesterday, while still feeling Not Quite, I managed to catch up on two weeks of homework for my online course in a 12 hour homework session. I was so proud of myself that I literally patted myself on the shoulder. It probably looked really weird, but whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.

Interestingly enough, the KLM (that’s the Dutch airline company) keeps sending me emails that go “Fly to LA for, like, almost no money!!!eleventy11!”-emails about twice a week now. Thankfully, I am beyond broke or I would click the link, book a fight and go chill on a beach for uhm, 3 minutes. Longer would be very unwise, because I’m a paley pale face and burn like a mofo unless I am 1) underneath a parasol, 2) wearing SPF 50 and 3) fully clothed. Which can probably be arranged, seeing that heaps of models live in LA and they’re usually not allowed to tan either.

Speaking of paley palefaces, I did again not celebrate Halloween due to the sick and the suck, but decided to dress up today anyway for “My Instagram life is perfect”-purposes. The following picture is brought to you by Wonky Eye in collaboration with Busted Eyebrow, lots of industrial light and magic, working my angles and filters:


As you might have guessed, I am supposed to be Wednesday Addams but, like I also mentioned on my Insta, I just ended up looking a freakish lot like my dad. I mean, I usually already look a lot like him, but the combination of “big dark eyebrows” + “old timey filter” takes it into uncanny valley.

So today’s Reader Participation Question is: Have you ever taken a picture in which you look more like somebody else than like yourself? And if so, was that on purpose or completely accidental? *goes off to clean the 2 mm thick layer of Kryolan tv paint stick in “Ghostly Pale” off her face*