Back(ish) on the horse

by LP

Not much news around here, the last two weeks have been a string of “I feel sick – Hey, I feel better – Nope, I feel sick again”, so it’s fair to say I haven’t been a happy camper. Or a happy anything really, especially not since I am once again at a point where I need to start catching up on things. Yesterday, while still feeling Not Quite, I managed to catch up on two weeks of homework for my online course in a 12 hour homework session. I was so proud of myself that I literally patted myself on the shoulder. It probably looked really weird, but whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.

Interestingly enough, the KLM (that’s the Dutch airline company) keeps sending me emails that go “Fly to LA for, like, almost no money!!!eleventy11!”-emails about twice a week now. Thankfully, I am beyond broke or I would click the link, book a fight and go chill on a beach for uhm, 3 minutes. Longer would be very unwise, because I’m a paley pale face and burn like a mofo unless I am 1) underneath a parasol, 2) wearing SPF 50 and 3) fully clothed. Which can probably be arranged, seeing that heaps of models live in LA and they’re usually not allowed to tan either.

Speaking of paley palefaces, I did again not celebrate Halloween due to the sick and the suck, but decided to dress up today anyway for “My Instagram life is perfect”-purposes. The following picture is brought to you by Wonky Eye in collaboration with Busted Eyebrow, lots of industrial light and magic, working my angles and filters:


As you might have guessed, I am supposed to be Wednesday Addams but, like I also mentioned on my Insta, I just ended up looking a freakish lot like my dad. I mean, I usually already look a lot like him, but the combination of “big dark eyebrows” + “old timey filter” takes it into uncanny valley.

So today’s Reader Participation Question is: Have you ever taken a picture in which you look more like somebody else than like yourself? And if so, was that on purpose or completely accidental? *goes off to clean the 2 mm thick layer of Kryolan tv paint stick in “Ghostly Pale” off her face*