The sick and the suck – continued (plus one of my favorite songs)

by LP

After a couple of days in which I seemed to be better, yesterday morning I woke up with a throat ache, a fever and an up-and-coming sinus infection. Because misery loves company, my dear catfriend Clark decided to start walking even funkier than he already did. I’ll spare you the details, but it was quite terrifying and I was scared that This Was It.

After a horrid night with no sleep I immediately took him to the vet for an emergency visit, who thankfully reassured me that Clark is ok. Considering, of course. I mean, I know he’s bound to die, but I just didn’t want it to be today, and it’s not. Clark himself is of course unaware of all my worries and is nosesleeping in my bed as we speak.

All in all, this wasn’t the best of days, especially not since I’m now slowly but surely losing my voice too: the squeaky noises I produce are interesting, I sound like a cross between a seagull and… some other sea animal that makes hoarse noises. Insert your favorite.

To thank you for reading this entire misery fest, have a video of one of my favorite songs ever. From the “Made for Dolby Surround” opening to the fantastic vocal finale (from 4:30 or so on), I deeply love this song: