Online Business Writing Class done!

by LP

Despite my current pneumonic misery, I finally have happy news: I finished my Online Business Writing Class! *cheers*

As is obvious from the name, this 8 week class was taught completely online except for a short introductory meeting in the first week. The class focussed on extremely practical things like informal and formal writing, how to write a letter/email to ask for information regarding university courses, how to write a CV and cover letter for a job or internship, how to write a report, a memo and invites.

You’d think that as an English BA student these things would have been taught to us at some point, but nope. For some reason our department is apparently convinced that it’s more useful to teach us phonology once – and to never speak of it again, than to instruct us how to write an appropriate cover letter. They probably figure that since we’re getting a BA in English, we’ll never get a job anyway, so why bother? #bitterbitch

But semi-joking bitterness aside, I do think it’s a big loss that this elective does not get (more) promo. It is quite unknown in general (there were 9 people doing the course) but more specifically to English BA students. I myself came across it by accident: waiting outside the study advisor’s office I saw a folder on the corkboard advertising this class. I then has to call twice (no answer) and email somebody to figure out the details. Knowing about and registering for a class should not be this much of a hassle, people.

But yeah, the class itself was awesome and very useful, and I’ve inched 8 more study points towards graduation! *cheers again*