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by LP

According to my doctor, all infections have left my body, so that’s a yay! I still do feel run over by a truck, then stampeded by 25 horses, but according to her “That is to be expected”. My doctor is a very straighforward and practical woman. Despite not feeling like my usual self yet, I am very happy not to be spending my days half in a daze, only getting out of the haze it to ingest another pill – 17 times a day. Let’s just hope this vague lingering stomach ache subsides quicky so I can get on with my life in full force.

I did get on with my life in semi-force this week: I had to figure out if and if so, how I would be moving on with my studies. After discussing my situation with my teachers, supervisor and study advisor, I have decided to first focus on finishing up my final class. Thankfully, the resit for the exam of that class I missed due to illness has been postponed to January, so I don’t have to do three exams in one week. I will mostly focus on the general exam and also try and pass the other (literature) exam, but if I don’t pass that, that’s not a huge deal, as there is still a resit I can do in January too.

Work on my thesis has been postponed until January, which means that I won’t be graduating in February unfortunately – I am now aiming for March. While this is frustrating and annoying and it feels like I’m running a marathon that gets extended all the time, this is the only way I still have a decent chance at graduating this academic year, so I’ll have to take it. Slow motion is better than no motion, easy does it, one day at the time, one foot in front of the other, etcetera etcetera.