by LP

OMG! Somebody posted a video of me doing my BA degree on youtube!

But seriously, the parallels between me and Zeus (the dog in the video) are uncanny:

  • physically deemed unsuited by most for the task at hand;
  • cheered on by coach (in my case study advisor) who doesn’t believe this to be true;
  • laughed at by some, cheered on by others;
  • slow, but keeps going;
  • not done when the buzzer rings, but keeps going;
  • makes some mistakes, but corrects them and/or keeps going;
  • basically: keeps going;
  • eventually finishes and gets all the cheers.

And now back to studying for me, as I definitely want to go from “keeps going” to “eventually finishes and gets all the cheers”. Thank you, Mastiff gentledog for inspiring me to keep going! *keeps going*