2016 – The Pre-Cap

by LP

Happy 2016 everybody! I figured that in a world in which the Star Wars franchise gets sequels and prequels, I could have my own pre-cap. So here’s what I’ll be doing in the next few months:

  1. This month, I will be writing the final two exams of my studies, after which I only need to write my thesis to graduate. I have decided that if I for some reason do not pass these two exams, I will be quitting my studies. I have apparently gone through all the Stages of Grief and have reached the “I don’t give a flying f*ck anymore, I just want my life back come February 1”-stage.
  2. Once February happens, independent of potential thesis writing, I will be cleaning out my house Marie Kondo style. I am sick and tired of living in a crypt surrounded by Stuff From The Past/Stuff For A Future That Never Materialised. I am planning to get rid of at least half of the things that are currently in my house. I will of course donate everything useful and recycle everything that is broken.
  3. Despite planning and some progress, I still have about 3 zines and 3 sketchbooks that are Not Finished Yet. I will finish them in the month of March, then go on a Sketchbook/zinewriting hiatus as I re-evalue my ~creative existence~: do I care enough about my ~creative existence~ to be a 40+ year old person who writes and glues stuff together that nobody cares about (see also: the piles of my own zines on my cupboard), or should I maybe do something else with my time, money and energy?
  4. Re-evaluate my life in general, to see if the constant feeling of “I feel stuck!!!” subsides once my studies are over, or if I need to make other adjustments in my life too.
  5. Try not to fall apart completely and turn into a non-functioning mess once Clark (my cat, he has terminal cancer) dies. As you can imagine, this point will be the hardest to manage. I’m not sure I will. Manage, that is.

I have already started studying for my exams, so point 1 is on its way. Next week I will finally post a photo set of an exhibition I went to in November(!), peeps who love graffiti/street art should definitely be stoked! *studies some more*