About cats

by LP

The wonderful combo of Post Performance Depression, The Sick, and The Sad (RIP Clark) kept me in bed the last week and a half, but today I’m slowly getting back to my life. Since apparently everybody including my thesis advisor is sick, I have not started work on that yet, but I have thrown out two huge grocery bags of papers I won’t be needing anymore, so the de-thrashheapification of my house has officially started. Apart from that, I’ve been listening to a whole lot of One Direction, really.

It has now been a month since Clark’s death and I’m only now starting to deal with it. Him being the quiet type of cat made it easier for me to just ignore the situation a little (the good old “he’s just in the other room” tactic), but during my sickness I realised that, yup, I’m all alone and nope, he’s not coming back and yup, that sucks. Unfortunately, unlike with my hip that is giving me GRIEF right now, I can’t just go to the chiropractor to get my heart unstuck. How awesome would it be if you could just do that?

To end this post on a happier note, I have been playing a whole lot of Neko Atsume, and while they’re not real cats, they do fill the cat shaped void a tiny bit. Especially the fact that they bring you mementos that are completely useless (a damp matchbox, anyone?) is super endearing to me. *checks app obsessively*