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It's been real! 2011 – 2016

Month: March, 2016

Unholy laughter

A thing that has most definitely not changed around here, is my inability to judge how long it takes me to select pictures and write captions. Having shuffeled (you really can’t call it walking) to not one but two exhibitions in the last week, I had hoped to share a couple of shots I’ve taken, but that’s still a work in progress that I’m hoping to get done sometime tomorrow.

To make up for this, have a video that has, since my introduction to it in the summer of 2011, been my go to in case of feeling Le Miserable. Yes, I think this is funny to the level of literal tears streaming down my face. Yes, you can judge me for basically having the sense of humor of a 14 year old boy, I judge myself for that too on occasion. Usually when I’m not semi-dying of laughter at this video:


*brb forming a band again*


Hi! I’m back!

The peeps who (also) follow me on Instagram already know why I have been absent here in the last few weeks: on March 1, I woke up with the mother of all headaches. It was so bad I had problems seeing, reading and even speaking, so I thought it was a migraine, but it turned out to have been a very light stroke caused by my pre-existing blood pressure issues. At least, that’s their working diagnosis for now: being a zebra, this could of course still change.

I spent 8 days in the hospital, where they stuck all kinds of needles in me and put me on half a pharmacy’s worth of medication to lower my ridiculously high (at it highest 243/185!) bloodpressure, which in turn resulted in me being able to see and speak again like I used to. The relief I felt when I woke up and saw my world was “normal” again was almost religious, and I am not much of a spiritual person.

I am now recuperating at home, still on half a pharmacy’s worth of medication. Apart from post-hospital check ups, they’ll also be performing tests on me to see how my heart and kidneys are doing, as both had quite a beating and are doing so so, which worries me more than I let on. Simultaneously, they are trying to find out why this happened again, as not only can bloodpressures this high not supposed to happen in general, they are most definitely not supposed to happen when you’re on blood pressure medication, which I was.

Thankfully, medicine has advanced significantly in the last 8 years, so it could be that this time, they will actually find an underlying syndrome or disease that explains my issues. And while I’d of course prefer to be healthy, since I am not, I would prefer hearing “You have [insert disease], which we will treat like this” than “There most definitely is something wrong with you, but we have no idea what, so we’ll just treat you trial and error style”, which I have been told for way too long now.

Regarding this blog and my other online hangouts, I am slowly but surely getting back to my regular posting schedule, but if I am missing in action once in a while, at least you’ll know why. 🙂