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Month: July, 2016

Using my brain again

Although I have delayed my thesis – and therefore my graduation – I have started on my absurdly long “Things To Do After My Studies”-list, because life goes on. So asides from continuing Project Decrappify Your Residence in a slow but steady pace, I have also enrolled in the Coursera specialization I’ve had my eye on for about a year now.

The specialization is comprised of 9 sorta kinda stand alone courses, that get tied together in the tenth course, which is the Capstone Project. The specifics of this Capstone Project are still a bit unclear to me, but I assume I will get more information once I get to the project itself.

I quite enjoy doing something “brain related” that is not related to my studies, which says enough about my deep, deep hatred of my studies. I sincerely hope that having some positive learning experiences and being away from my university for a while will “mellow me out” so to speak, so I can return in February and finish things up without bursting an aneurysm due to frustration too much stress.

Speaking of brain issues, I was a bit nervous that I would encounter some cognitive issues while studying, but I didn’t. Although I was aware that with me having zero cognitive problems in daily life, it would be highly unlikely (probably even impossible) for me to all of a sudden have issues with study-related activities, there was still this little voice in the back of my head going “Well, you never know. You might be the first zebra/special snowflake hybrid!” But I’m ok. No issues whatsoever. THANKFULLY.

Another fear was also conquered: my fear of falling while on blood thinners. Last week, I tripped and fell on my face right in the middle of the street. I did have a bit of swelling and bruising, but my fear of “I will fall and blood will just burst out of me, like, from EVERYWHERE!!!” did not materialise. This was such a relief that I didn’t even really mind that I lost my wig in the process and had to put it back on again on the tram with people staring.

Next week, TBK and IĀ are going on a three day trip to the North, visiting Groningen amongst others. And seeing that it’s been 4 months post-hospital and I still haven’t driven a car yet, I will be doing some driving too.


Palmtrees in infrared

How cool is this?