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Sketchbooks galore

With this being most likely the last long summer break ~ever~, I figured that this was an excellent moment to try and finish up all of my current projects in process. Eons ago, I started working on who “extra” sketchbooks: The Memoir Project and one that was part of the Limited Edition series. By “working on” I mean that I was still in the “generating ideas”-stage of both projects when the deadlines flew by, and I hadn’t worked on them since.

When I found out that you are still able to send in your sketchbooks even (way) past the deadline, I realised that rebooting these projects would be the most efficient way of silencing that “You didn’t finish this!”-voice in the back of my head. Problem was: I had no clue what happened to the two sketchbooks, so I decided to make them myself.

For The Memoir Project, I took a pink, velvet-printed notebook, dismantled it and cut it to size. For the Limited Edition one, I took some of that fancy eco-friendly 120 grams off-white paper and hand bound it together into a book shape. Of course I took pictures during all of this, but when transferring them from my camera to my laptop I saw that they were all blurry beyond postability, except for this one:


From left to right: Sketchbook 2016, The Memoir Project, Limited Edition

As you can see in the picture, I also did the cover for my 2016 sketchbook. Updates on all individual projects to follow of course, and yes, I’ll make sure to wear my glasses before deciding “Yup, this picture is ok!” and moving on.


My Creative Writing Portfolio Adventure

And I’m back! I had planned for this post to go up last week, but after finishing up my portfolio I still had exams to prepare and proposals to write and then it was today already!

So, my portfolio. For my creative writing class I was expected to hand in a portfolio consising of 20 – 30 A4 pages of writing, a two page process reflection, and of course an index and a title. It also said that while not obligatory, nice paper and such was appreciated, so I of course went on a trek to my dear friends at Vlieger Papier. At first I thought I would just put my portfolio in a regular binder, but then I saw a green art-portfolio thing and this happened (as usual, all pictures can be embiggened by clicking on them):

Collage 1

The green thing is an art portfolio/travel folder, you know, the type you transport drawings in, or fancy paper. I decided to get the attachable clip thing pictured above right and attach it to the folder.

On the bottom right you can see how I measured out where the clip had to be attached by using a piece of paper with hole punches in the right location. As you can also see, I had some issues adjusting my hole punch, resulting in useless holes on the right.

The funky tool thingĀ is my awl, or “pointy piercy thing, you know, for paper things” as I usually call it. The white thing on top of it is a piece of foam to avoid having the pointy piercy thing pointily piercing my hand when I pick it up from the box I keep it in. The piece of foam is also the home of both my bookbinding and weave sowing needles.

Collage 2

After measuring out the holes, I punched them with my awl (photo left), widened the holes (not pictured), put the screw-like thing through (top right) and then literally hammered the clip onto the folder.

This took some force, generated by anger and frustration I felt over at that point not having written my second story while the deadline was a mere 9 hours away. This is also why I have no pictures of the actual writing or printing, as I ended up priting everything at 16:00, when the deadline was at 17:00 and I still had to travel for 30 minutes. #livingontheedge

Collage 3

Thankfully public transport was on my side and I got to the Bungehuis at 16:45, where I proceeded to finish up the assembly of my portfolio. As you can see in the picture on the left, I had not only taken my folder and my printed out materials, but also my hole punch, tape and a piece of cardboard, and got to work.

After almost breaking my hole punch due to forgetting that I had chosen to use fancy eco-friendly 120 grams off-white paper instead of regular 80 grams paper, I ended up with a neat little pile of hole punched fancy eco-friendly 120 grams off-white paper topped off with a ultra-fancy kinda-expensive handmade off-white cotton-based paper cover sheet. BecauseĀ I’m hardcore like that. The heart covers my IRL name and such, fear not: there is not actually a giant red heart on my cover page.

In the picture on the right you see the finished product: the cardboard wraparound has my name and the teacher’s name on the other side, and a piece of orange “Fragile” tape on the back. I then put it in my teacher’s pigeonhole and checked the time: 16:53. I did a “Yesss!” like I’d just won something and proceeded to call my mom, whose sigh of relief could be heard down the hall.

Bookbinding weekend

As regular readers know, I am participating in The Sketchbook Project again this year (the 2015 edition). Since last year I had serious problems with my book almost falling apart before I sent it out, I decided that this year I would do things properly. So, this weekend, I did a bookbinding course. In this post you can see what I did up to now.

My idea to fortify the pages in the middle was a good one, but what I hadn’t realised is that now the book itself was thicker than it’s back, which would cause the book to not close properly. This had to be remedied, so – and we’re moving on to the pictures now – please click to embiggen (fyi: this goes for all collages in this post):

Collage 1

From left to right: I added small strips of material. This took a VERY long time, but as you can see in the middle picture, it worked! Then I punched holes into the back (this was SO strenuous that I forgot to take a picture) and sewed everything together.

Collage 2

Then it was time to flatten the book as much as possible, after which I selected a colour for the inside cover pages, and glued them onto my book. On the left you can see what my book looked like at the end of day one.

Collage 3

On day two, I glued a backing onto the book, partly because it’s fancy and party to make it more sturdy. I then glued a fabric-like paper onto the cover, and after glueing the cover onto the book, some more pressing and rounding off of the edges with an edge-rounder-offer machine that is as of now my favorite machine in the world EVER (well, apart from my dishwasher of course), this


is the final result! I will of course still have to work on the cover and the insides, and will of course update on that process.

Because I still had time left, I decided to make another book:

Rainbow book collage

From left to right, top to bottom, then the big picture: I had some greeting cards in rainbow colours, that I decided to use. Sewing everything together went A LOT faster the second time around! I then pressed my book (well, actually the press pressed my book). To keep with the aerial theme, I chose cloud printed paper for the cover. After glueing and pressing everything together, I once more got to use the awesome edge-rounder-offer machine, and on the left you can see the final result.

All in all, it was a great experience and I got a lot done. I enjoyed it so much that I know I’m going to do the multi-week course next year (read: when I’m done with my studies). The course was given in a place where they also had printing presses and all sorts of awesomeness of which I of course took pictures, but I’m having serious issues accessing my Flickr page right now. I will post a link to them as soon as they’re available though, because wooden letters and such.