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LP’s excellent staycation – Day 62

Today is the last day of LP’s excellent staycation. I’ve managed to do a great deal of things I wanted to do, but I’ve also been dealing with a lot of frustration regarding my life in general and things-I’m-not-willing-to-discuss-in-public (yet? ever?) specifically.

During my staycation I’ve been able to identify that about 70% of the frustration is me being frustrated over being frustrated, which isn’t helpful in any way, which in turn makes me, you guessed it, more frustrated. It isn’t a constant thing, it comes and goes, but today was particularly bad. The fact that I had to do my taxes and (as usual) couldn’t remember in which drawer I’d put all my relevant paperwork didn’t help.

I eventually did manage do find everything though, so I don’t have to worry about it again until next year. To reward myself for such a daunting task and to mark the semi-official end of my staycation I had made dinner plans Outside The House. On my way there I saw a rainbow and took a picture of it.

As you can see in the upper picture, it looks very faint, it was more visible IRL. Back home, I uploaded it to Picnic-replacement Picmonkey and fiddled around with it, which resulted in the picture on the bottom.

Sometimes you’ve got to adjust the contrast to see the rainbow.


LP’s excellent staycation – Day 60

So, that introduction thing. It went… well, I guess? The kids thought I was funny and one 22 year old guessed that I was… 22. Which is three years younger than how old peeps thought I was last year, which means that a) that Biafine stuff REALLY WORKS!1!eleventy! and b) the difference between 1 1/2 hours of sleep (at my own introduction last year) or 9 hours of sleep the night before is three whole years. It also means that I’m going to recommend the department to implement mandatory eye exams for all students, because I really, really do not look 22. Or 25 even. I really don’t.

Potential visual impairments aside, the group was really nice and asked questions about the program and potential difficulties they might encounter and nobody asked me where they could find beer, so I’m quite sure they’re going to do fine.

It was also great to have a chance to see/talk to my teachers from last year, especially since I’ll only see two of them again this semester. JL, who had recommended me for the job apparently, said she was sad that she didn’t get to teach me this semester, which made me go all gooey inside, because SRSLY HOW CUTE IS THAT!?!? I know. And yes, I know I sound like a 14 year old with a teacher crush and I don’t care. She really is the awesomest ever. *draws little hearts on her notebook with JL in them* 😉

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 58

So tomorrow I’ll be expected to introduce a group of 15 first year students to our department. Apparently I’m also supposed to tell them where they can find beer, but as my friend Kouw said: “If you can’t find your own beer, you do not belong in university”, so I’m not going to do that. And also because I’m biased against (especially teen) drinking. There, I’ve said it.

Anyway, as to not scare the people too much, I’ve decided to straighten my hair and wear a long sleeved cardigan and I’ll try to tone down my obnoxious personality a little. That way they only have to deal with me being as old as their mom and the fact that I wear stompy boots underneath a dress. I will of course update in detail how things went. I’ll take notes. Hell, I might even take pictures!

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 56

You know what’s interesting? The moment you find out that most of your idiosyncrasies (ideosyncrazies?) stem from having watched too many Monkees episodes at an impressionable age. I wonder if I can use that fact for something, at some point. *coughazinecough*

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 54

With classes starting on the 3rd of September, it was time to check out my new schedule and order books. The descriptions of the classes are vague as ever, so I don’t really know what to expect. Then again, all classes in the first 1 1/2 years are compulsory, so it’s not like I have to worry about making a wrong choice based on these descriptions. It’s like Johan Cruyff once said: “Every disadvantage has it’s advantage”.

I wrote down all my classes from September to Februari in my planner (yes, by hand. Yes, it took me 1 1/2 hours) and I know when I have to pick up my books, so I’m already better prepared than I was last year. Apart from that, I’m decidedly “Meh” about it all. Last year was very hard and I’m afraid this year isn’t going to be much better.

I’ve seriously considered not going back, but since I couldn’t come up with a better life plan than “pack my bag and start walking in a general direction until I either hit a wall (and walk around it) or the ocean (and start swimming)”, I think it’s best if I just stfu and continue. I will of course let you peeps know how things turn out.

And to de-bummer-ise this post a little, a repost of my amazing new vegetarian shoes and my Fimble-feet (they’re bamboo socks!):

Cankles courtesy of a slight (at least compared to the time my feet looked like Swamp Thing) and temporary water retention issue. This picture was taken yesterday and they’re already looking a lot less bloated today.

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 52

Thinking of referring to myself as ‘a politically correct fatalist’ from now on. That, or ‘a passivist’. Not to be confused with a pacifist of course.

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 50

It’s 21:00 right now. It is also 27 degrees Celcius (about 81 degrees for the Fahrenheitpeeps) INSIDE MY HOUSE. That will be all for today.

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 48

As you might know, I’ve been learning Spanish this summer, mostly by practising on Memrise and babbling to myself. “Why Spanish?” you might ask. “Why not?” I say.

But the actual reason is “out of embarrassment”. Last year I was among people who only spoke Spanish and while I was able to understand everything they said (I speak French fluently and also know a good amount of Portugese and Italian), I was unable to answer. I just stood there feeling Le Stupid, wondering if I should say something like “Mi Español es muy rudimentario”.

My only two other sentences “Donde esta la taqueria?” and “Hasta la victoria siempre” also turned out to be of no use at all. The first because all taquerias had huge signs. The second because no revolutions were started. And also because despite the impression consumer culture might give, there’s quite some people out there who hate the dude’s forking guts and pissing someone off is not a great conversation starter.

But long story long: Spanish. I’m half way through the random word list and now have 502 words in my long term memory, or ‘garden’ as they call it in Memrise land. A lot of words are similar to words I already know in other languages and weren’t a problem. Other words were completely new and weren’t a problem either. There were a couple of words though, I just wasn’t able to remember correctly for some reason.

When I made a list of these words, I realised what that reason was: they were all words for either meat/fish dishes (I’m a vegetarian-bordering-on-vegan) and alcoholic beverages (I don’t drink alcohol). Apparently I’m like a regular person in that respect and have a hard time remembering things I’m not intrinsically interested in. The more you learn! 😀

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 46

Yesterday I got an email titled “Introduction day”. I immediately thought they’d made a mistake, because I’ve been there, done that last year. But it turned out that they were looking for people to show the new 1st year students around during the introduction day and that my favorite teacher (yes, JL) had recommended me!

Being Le Curmudgeon due to that mutant flu _and being a bit suspicious in general I immediately wondered if that was a good thing (they’re looking for awesome peeps and JL likes me, she really likes me!) or not (nobody wants to do this damn job and JL recommended me because she hates me). I also wondered if she had told the peeps organising this thing that I might look (and act) like a 14 year old most of the time, but that I’m actually twice as old as the new students coming in this year.

Anyway, long (non)story short: I sent an email and they actually do want me there despite the fact that I’m ancient. Something about diversity and stuff. So I suppressed my thoughts that they couldn’t find anybody else and volunteered to show the new 1st year students around the buildings and such on the 28th of August. Which is in less than 2 weeks. *starts panicking about not having done ALL THE THINGS before the school year starts* 😉

LP’s excellent staycation – Day 44

I’ve been struck by some mutant flu or something, because I feel like I’ve been trampled on by a herd of horses.

In happier news: the layout of 19 of the 32 pages of The Bane of My Existence a.k.a. The Summer zine, is DONE, so there’s a chance this thing will be finished before 2053.