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Back(ish) on the horse

Not much news around here, the last two weeks have been a string of “I feel sick – Hey, I feel better – Nope, I feel sick again”, so it’s fair to say I haven’t been a happy camper. Or a happy anything really, especially not since I am once again at a point where I need to start catching up on things. Yesterday, while still feeling Not Quite, I managed to catch up on two weeks of homework for my online course in a 12 hour homework session. I was so proud of myself that I literally patted myself on the shoulder. It probably looked really weird, but whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.

Interestingly enough, the KLM (that’s the Dutch airline company) keeps sending me emails that go “Fly to LA for, like, almost no money!!!eleventy11!”-emails about twice a week now. Thankfully, I am beyond broke or I would click the link, book a fight and go chill on a beach for uhm, 3 minutes. Longer would be very unwise, because I’m a paley pale face and burn like a mofo unless I am 1) underneath a parasol, 2) wearing SPF 50 and 3) fully clothed. Which can probably be arranged, seeing that heaps of models live in LA and they’re usually not allowed to tan either.

Speaking of paley palefaces, I did again not celebrate Halloween due to the sick and the suck, but decided to dress up today anyway for “My Instagram life is perfect”-purposes. The following picture is brought to you by Wonky Eye in collaboration with Busted Eyebrow, lots of industrial light and magic, working my angles and filters:


As you might have guessed, I am supposed to be Wednesday Addams but, like I also mentioned on my Insta, I just ended up looking a freakish lot like my dad. I mean, I usually already look a lot like him, but the combination of “big dark eyebrows” + “old timey filter” takes it into uncanny valley.

So today’s Reader Participation Question is: Have you ever taken a picture in which you look more like somebody else than like yourself? And if so, was that on purpose or completely accidental? *goes off to clean the 2 mm thick layer of Kryolan tv paint stick in “Ghostly Pale” off her face*


Interesting side effects

Those who either know me, have seen my highly edited Instagram-selfies (no, I don’t wake up like this – at all) or have read my LP Style zine, know that since the beginning of this academic year, I’ve been wearing wigs and heaps of make up. The original reason for this was that years of fighting both my hair texture and my hair colour (read: straightening and dyeing), combined with a vitamin D deficiency, heaps of stress and about 5 courses of antibiotics in the last 3 1/2 years, had turned my hair into a thin, destroyed mess. Apparently there’s only so much dead material can take. Apart from that, I was sick and tired of having to spend time and money and still always be unhappy with what my hair looked like. So I decided it was time to let my hair just grow for a while and wear wigs in the mean time.

The heaps of make up came with that, because for some reason I tend to look really weird if I’m only wearing a wig with no make up. I do my make up without a wig on and I know that when I think “Hmm, I’m half a step removed from looking like the MC from Cabaret!” I can put on the wig and look ~natural~. Okay, okay, I look like a total cake face, but at least I don’t look weird anymore. Come to think of it, this is probably because my wigs are all a bit on the theatrical (read: loads of hair) side and the cake face complements it. Another reason for me applying my make up quite royally is that I have a ridiculous make up stash that is on the verge of perishing which I am trying to get through before it actually does.

As a joke I told myself “You know, with the new hair and the new face you might as well pretend to be a new person; somebody who gets to class on time and just gets things done!” And funnily enough, this strategy seems to actually work! I was 5 minutes late only once, handed all my assigments in on time, needed zero extensions, and didn’t have any freak outs while preparing exams or writing papers. I really hope this wasn’t some fluke and that I can keep fooling myself like this, because I actually quite enjoy the process this way, and would love to keep it up for the rest of my studies. *goes to wash her wig in laundry detergent*

Done! :-)

Yup, I all my classes are done, all work has been handed in and I even survived the theatre thing, so I am officially done with university related things for 2014! An “end of year” post will happen next week, because thinking that I would be able to write one after having spent two 12-hour days on my feet doing make up, hair and helping people get (un)dressed, was just, uh, not so realistic.

Apart from writing that post and waiting for my new washer/dryer combo to arrive (I am without a washing mashine at the moment – thankfully I’m too tired to get stressed about it), the coming week I will finally have time to get some sleep, to get through the pile of paperwork that I’ve been trying to ignore for a couple of weeks now and to start selecting pictures for my sketchbook project. To make up (ha!) for the fact that this post is very low on both the info and the energy, have a preview/outtake (not sure yet) of one of the light grafiti photos I shot earlier tonight:

Light grafiti

*goes off to wash some more brushes and sponges*

My make up favorites

Since cleaning out my make up stash, and more specifically since I’ve taken up wearing wigs on a almost-daily basis, I’ve gone back to wearing make up regularly. Knowing what products I have, and not having to dig through a pile of stuff has made getting up and doing a full face a quick process: I’ve got it down to 17 minutes now.

I’ve selected 8 most frequently used favorites and shot them in my new softbox mini-studio. To make it seem as if I know what I’m doing, I’ve split the products up by brand and have posted them in alphabetical order. All products were purchased with my mother’s my own money. As usual, all collages can be embiggened by clicking on them:


Fyrrinae collage

Fyrinnae is my favorite make up brand in the world. There, I’ve said it. I will now live on in terror that they decide to close up shop, because things I love have a tendency to disappear. Not that I’m superstitious or anything. On the left is a new favorite: Lip Lustre in Dragon’s Blood. Despite it being in a tube (this is the tiny tester sized one), it’s not a lip gloss, but a lipstick. On the right is an older favorite: eye shadow in Because Cats, because duh. To be honest, I chose this one as a favorite for this post because of the name, I have about 10 Fyrinnae eyeshadows (they have trial sizes for all their products) and they’re all wonderful.

I did not swatch either, because they are impossible to photograph in a way that does them justice: like a perfect starry sky, Fyrinnae products are best seen in real life. I also find that their eye shadows look best when they’re patted on, not swiped, preferably onto a very VERY light coat of their Pixie Epoxy. Use liberal amounts of face powder under your eyes to deal with fall out, and you’re good to go.


Hourglass collage

Sometimes I see things and I know that I NEED to have them, and if I don’t get them, I’ll regret it forever. Readers of my Dutch blog will know this as “De Aas“, which best translates as “Eyeing the bait”. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light (left) was one of these things, so despite it being quite expensive (45 dollars), I bought it and wow. Best. Powder. Ever.

The blush on the right is not only very beautiful, but also has the funniest name ever: Dim Infusion. Despite using it daily, the lowering of my IQ has not been registered yet. File under: things that sounded way funnier in my head.


Lush collage

The people who’ve been reading this blog for a while, might remember the post I wrote about the launch of the collection about two years ago, where I mentioned the product here on the left: the Eyes Right mascara. I still love it as much as I did then, I have in fact not used any other brand of black mascaras since (this is my nth bottle).

On the right is the lipstick that I chose (or that chose me) during the colour reading and that I didn’t buy at first, but went back for: Passionate. It’s an in your face statement colour, and although I don’t believe in make up “rules”, I tend to not wear it to class, especially not when said class is at 9 a.m., but it is my go to colour for other occasions.


Nyx collage

And finally, NYX. On the left: LSS612 LALA, the perfect (well, to me) everyday lipstick. The only disadvantage is that it is VERY creamy, so you go through a tube quite quickly. Which wouldn’t be as much of a problem if LALA was sold in The Netherlands. Which it isn’t. *breathes deeply in and out*

The product on the right IS sold here (and I also have 2 back ups): PB11 Taupe. Although technically a blush, I use it to contour the absolute #@$@#$ out of my face. If you’re on the paler side of average and you’re looking for a contouring powder that isn’t too orangey and doesn’t have glitter, Taupe is the one.

Since long post is long, I’ll leave it at this. I hope you enjoyed watching/reading this, and if you have any questions about these products and/or make up in general, just hit me up in the comments!

Cleaning out my closet (literally) – part 2: The Make Up Stash

Way back in the days of Ye Olde Livejournal, someperson had an avatar a userpicture that said “a clean house is a sign of a broken computer” and it’s true. So a couple of weeks ago, during the second bout of No Internet to be precise, I decided to clean out my ri-di-cu-lous make up stash. Of course I took before and after pictures.

Let’s start with the before one (all pictures can be embiggened by clicking on them:

Bathroom before

Yup, everything on the left side and in the sink is make up. I know that it is an absurd amount of make up, especially for someone who nowadays mostly doesn’t even wear make up during the day (I did do my make up every day when I still worked). And while 99% of it is not of high end brands and 80% of the rest was bought on sale/at a discount, I am aware that all together, it still adds up to a significant amount of money… Hi! I’m LP, and my make up buying behaviours are on the addictive side. But considering my current stress levels and the fact that, of all the coping mechanisms I had/have in my life, this is the least toxic one, I have decided to just keep it “issue status: acknowledged” for now.

With my issues acknowledged and on full display, it’s time for the after picture:

Bathroom after overview

Pretty, right? 🙂 I feel like there is a joke in here somewhere about being ready for my close up now, with everything being organised and a couple of close(r) up pictures following, but I can’t find it. These are the top and middle shelves on the left:

Bathroom after Make up 1 + 2

This is the bottom shelf and the plant pot thingie I use for my brushes:

Bathroom after Make up 3  + brushes

I didn’t take close up pictures of the things on the right, because it’s hair stuff, face creams and tooth stuff, basically. If you are curious about any of the things, either on the left or the right, just ask me in the comments and I’ll gladly let you know what is what. The plastic containers I used are from my favorite store in the world, the HEMA. They are however not entirely truthful in their description of stuff that fits, as demonstrated in this side by side comparison:

Bathroom Hema not entirely truthful

The Q-tips, the nail polish and the lipstick are identical to the ones on the leaflet, so the whole “well, you didn’t use HEMA products, no wonder they don’t fit”-argument is invalid. But yeah, my make up. All organised. F*ckyeah!