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Palmtrees in infrared

How cool is this?



In the last few weeks, I have visited a couple of exhibitions. The first one (pre-hospital) was the “David Bowie is” one at the Groninger Museum. I had wanted to see it in London in 2013, but was unable to, since I was travelling to Berkeley that summer. *coughgodIsoundlikeanassholecough* Thankfully, I then learned that it was going to travel to Groningen, which is about 2 1/2 hours away from where I am, so as soon as the tickets went on sale, I snipered two of them: one for me and one for The Big Kahuna, aka my mom. This was sometime in November, way before he and Clark made a pact to leave this earth on sorta kinda the same day and go chill out together somewhere. File under: ways in which I try to cope with Clark’s death.

Anyway, enough about me. It was not allowed to take pictures, so the only picture I have is of the David Bowie cake type thing TBK had after the show:

Bowie cakeHow awesome? So awesome!

The next exhibition I dragged myself and TBK to, was the Covert to Overt – photography of Obey Giant by Jon Furlong one at the Melkweg Galery. I was fresh out of the hospital and too tired to live, but since this show was only going to be on for three days, I schlepped myself down there and took some pictures: click! More info about this exhibit can be found here.

And last but not least: Catwalk at the Rijksmuseum! Info about tickets and such can be found on their website, it is still on until the 16 of May. My pictures, with relevant and not so relevant captions, can be found here. Enjoy!

New York meets the Dam exposition

For those who like graffiti & street art, here on my Flickr there’s a short impression of the “New York meets the Dam” expo currently (until 24 January) happening at the Amsterdam Museum.

Moon adventures!

Last week was not the best week sleep-wise. My newish upstair neighbour decided singlehandedly that he would use his apartment for a fraternity “get together” that existed of lots of loud singing, screaming and cursing that went on until 2 am. Why anyone would “voluntarily” inflict this crap onto other people/submit themselves to this kind of mental abuse is beyond me, but there’s nothing I can change about that.

I did not punch him in the face, but did sent him a nice but firm letter basically telling him that I will report his ass to the rental agency if this ever happens again. After which he apologised(!) and promised never to do it again. File under: highly unexpected response was highly unexpected. Now let’s hope he really likes his apartment and that the fear of potentially losing it wins out over peer pressure.

All this to explain why I was awake on Saturday night and went outside in my pyjamas to take (freehand, as I am not comfortable shooting on my tripod at night all by myself) this picture of what I will call the Pre-Moon (all pictures can be clicked to embiggen:

IMG_4737Nice huh?

The night after, I was asleep and had no plans of waking up to shoot the SuperBloodyMegaMoon, or whatever they called it, but for reasons unknown I DID wake up and then decided that, since I was awake anyways, I’d go outside and tripod it up:



For those thinking: “That’s weird, that her handheld picture is not shaky at all, while her tripod picture is a little”: I know. I blame te waaay longer shutter speed, in combination with being on a big ball of matter that is hurling through space/the object photographed being a smaller ball of matter hurling through space/cars driving by/me doing a “Red globe! It’s a red globe!”-dance a bit too closely to the tripod setup. Note to self for the next red moon in 2033: no dancing close to the tripod.

And because I’m still baffled by the concept of being able to shoot with 6400 ASA(!!!) I also took this ~artsy~ picture that actually is a more realistic representation of the colour of the moon than the previous one:


See also: bonus stars! Yay!

ETA: none of these pictures have been Photoshopped/filtered/whatevered. 🙂

Success! (and a windmill picture)

Last week’s write a ton was successful, thankfully one of the essay deadlines got extended a couple of days, which gave me just enough room to breathe. I really hope that I’ll get passing grades and never ever ever ever have to do this again, because it’s neither healthy nor fun.

What is fun, is that I got my results back from the “Introduction to your thesis“-class, which I managed to pass, which is yay. I’m still working on the proposal though, mostly because I have prioritised all my other writing and haven’t paid a lot of attention to it. Hopefully, I’ll finish it sometime in the coming week, together with a film review and probably something else that is due but that I can’t recall right now. My schedule knows, so I’ll figure it out.

For now, have a picture I shot of the windmill at the end of the street, no filter:


Reshooting the Ghost Ship

This week, I had some technical setbacks: not only did my fancy smart phone give up the ghost, the SD card on which I had a couple of pictures for my sketchbook project also crashed terminally, so I had to reshoot a light sculpture and a Christmas tree. By myself. In the dark. Not my favorite activity, as apparently there’s still men who are so bewildered by a woman with a camera, let alone a woman with a camera and a tripod, that they feel the need to assert their patheticness by yelling stupidities and/or braking and driving by reaaaaally slowly, while staring in a not-too-intelligent way. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

Anyway, despite this annoyingness, I did manage to get the pictures I needed. I now have all the pictures for my sketchbook project printed and ready to be pasted. A post on this process to follow of course. For now, have an a-tad-too-fast gif of some of the outtakes of the ghost ship:

Boat on fire

Ghost Ship

Done! :-)

Yup, I all my classes are done, all work has been handed in and I even survived the theatre thing, so I am officially done with university related things for 2014! An “end of year” post will happen next week, because thinking that I would be able to write one after having spent two 12-hour days on my feet doing make up, hair and helping people get (un)dressed, was just, uh, not so realistic.

Apart from writing that post and waiting for my new washer/dryer combo to arrive (I am without a washing mashine at the moment – thankfully I’m too tired to get stressed about it), the coming week I will finally have time to get some sleep, to get through the pile of paperwork that I’ve been trying to ignore for a couple of weeks now and to start selecting pictures for my sketchbook project. To make up (ha!) for the fact that this post is very low on both the info and the energy, have a preview/outtake (not sure yet) of one of the light grafiti photos I shot earlier tonight:

Light grafiti

*goes off to wash some more brushes and sponges*

Summer Bloggin’ Day 60: Tiny pictures!

This year, I’ve decided to customise my planner. This as a part of my ongoing effort to be less of a bitter bitch when it comes to my studies, which has been reasonably successful.

I saw that HEMA had an option to print small pictures of 10×10 cm (3,9 inch by 3,9 inch), so I selected 30 pictures from my archives and sent them off. This week I picked them up and it turned out that I had misread or misordered: they were 5×5 cm (1,9 inch by 1,9 inch) instead! Which wasn’t a problem at all, because they are supercute:

HEMA pictures

*continues to glue them into planner*

Summer Bloggin’ Day 42: Stop! Corgi time!

This is Lily:

Lily 2

Who, just before being photographed by me, had jumped into a pond. Making it a lily pond. Badum-tsss!

Glueing stuff onto other stuff (a semi-‘how to’)

As promised, pictures of the “pasting pictures on board”-thing. When I found out that I’d have the chance to put some of my pictures up during the CREA exhibition, I figured it would be cool to have them mounted onto board, so I checked out the prices. At around 13 euros per 20 x 30 photo, times 6, this turned out to be a bit… above budget, let’s say.

So I decided to visit my dear friends at Vlieger Papier to see if there was a way of doing it myself. And there was! For 8 euro 40, I got two 50 x 70 boards, which is enough for 8 photos. I then got my pictures printed at Fotostudio Heno, they were around 4 euros a piece and done in 20 minutes, which, considering that I was semi-late as usual, was excellent. And no, neither store is paying me to say this. Or paying me at all, really. 😀

On to the pictures!

Pictures on board

From left to right, top to bottom: thinking I would buy small A4 sized boards, I went to Vlieger right before class. Which resulted in me going to class carrying this huge package; the two boards looking all pretty; the pictures; doing a layout.

Pictures on board 2

Right to left: I then cut the boards into 4 more manageable pieces and glued the photos onto them with regular ol’ photo glue (no mod podge!); once semi-dry (I was in a hurry) I cut the boards to exact size.

Pictures on board done!

An hour and a severely cramping wrist later, they were done.

Pictures on the wall


And this is what they looked like at the exhibit. Pretty fancy, right?


Public Service Announcement: As you might know, I am trying to finish up a ridiculous amount of study related work. And since despite being 38, I am still a procrastinating teenager at heart AND in practice, I have decided to go all mom on myself and unplug from the internet until the 25th of June. *BRB inching towards my degree*