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Clark Cat, projects and OMGsomeonereviewedmyzine!!1!eleventy!

In my last post I wrote about the waiting and the stuck and the s*ck. One of the things I was waiting for, was for this gentleman named Clark (Clark Cat! Best. Name. Ever. Y/Y?)

Clark crop klein

to recover from a serious bout of cat flu (which in Dutch literally translates as “cat sneeze disease”) and be able to be adopted and come live with me. Which he now does. Yay!

In projects-related news:

– My entry for the 2013 Sketchbook Project has been digitised and is viewable here. It is quite different from last year’s project, but still recognisable as my work. Or at least, I think so. This book is also going on tour, check out the tour dates here.

– I’ve also participated in The Scenarios of… Series. Participants got an email with the following prompt: “You wake up to find that everything in your home is gone. Your clothes, furniture, pictures – even the nails they were hanging on, have all mysteriously vanished. You wander room to room before encountering one object – you’re surprised it’s the one thing remaining because it’s not of great value, but it has a special significance only you would know about.” The instructions were to put yourself in that scenario and to take a photo that captures your response. All the different responses (some with explanations) can be seen here. It’s really interesting to see how people interpret the same prompt in a different way and to see what (kind of) things are important to people.

– Remember The Summer? *cue everbody going “How could we forget? You only whined about it being ~the bane of your existence~ for a year or so!”* Foggybottom Press did a zine review of it! The review, which is both lovely and also my first zine review EVER and flail and yay and happyness and Snoopy dance, can be found here. Foggybottom Press publishes the great perzine &Octopus (find it here on Etsy), which reads like a letter from a friend and has cute drawings to boot! I know, I know, I’m really bad at promoting and reviewing, but get &Octopus anyway. Because I say so.


The Sketchbook Project 2013

Last year I participated in The Sketchbook Project for the first time and wrote a couple of posts about the process. Despite claiming that I wasn’t going to use words, I did end up using quite a bit of them. While that did work out nicely in the end, I do want to break free(r) of my tendency to (over)explain my, well, everything really. That is why I decided to go for a photo log this year.

Photolog cover klein

As usual, I only started physically working on it 4 days before the deadline. I don’t know why I always take so much time to actually start doing things, but I’m quite sure somedoctor somewhere has thought of a nice name for it. Something like Exaggerated General Postponal Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EGPD-NOS).

For those thinking “Oh shut the f*ck up LP and stop making unfunny DSM-V “jokes”! We know your obsessive compulsive *ss took pictures of the process! Show us the pictures! Nao!” and for all the other people who enjoy looking at my pictures and reading the sometimes-even-funny capitons: here be pictures!

Happy 2013!

I know, I know, we’re almost half way through the month already, but it’s still January, so new years wishes still count. If 2012 was an awesome year for you, I hope 2013 continues to be awesome. If 2012 was kinda blegh, I hope that 2013 turns out significantly more awesome. And if 2012 completely sucked, then I hope that 2013 will be immeasurably more awesome.

As you might have noticed, I’ve been absent for a while. Besides finally finishing The Summer zine I didn’t do any writing or other projects and while the internet break felt good, not doing anything non-university related was most definitely NOT a good idea. Especially since, and unfortunately there’s no way to write this without sounding like the huge privileged asshole I am, this third semester turned out even more of a disappointment than the first two. Yes, I didn’t think it was possible either.

I’m not going to go further into the exact why’s and how’s right now, because it is all majorly upsetting. I am just now back at a point at which continuing to pursue my studies does not feel like the most useless and frustrating thing ever and I’m afraid that if I make a detailled lists of Reasons Why My Studies S*ck And Why I REALLY Don’t Want To Be There Anymore, I will just go “F*ck that sh*t!” and never return. Which would be a perfectly fine decision if I had something else to do and/or somewhere else to go, but I don’t. And voluntarily dropping out of university into unemployment is just not a good idea. Especially not at 37.

Because (and we’re moving onto a happier note!) despite sounding like an emo high schooler who ~duzn’t lyk skool~, I did turn 37 on the 18th of December. I celebrated by buying deodorant. And shimmery tights. And green contact lenses. Which I proceeded to wear to the department’s Christmas Drinks. I was also wearing false lashes, a crapton of make up/glitter, glittery mega high heels and this Margiela for H&M dress

ImagePicture stolen from the internets.

The people in the know (like my teacher JL, who is not only a great teacher, but also an awesome human being and one of the 4 reasons I haven’t dropped out yet) thought I looked very stylish, the rest of them were probably wondering what that 6 foot 1 glittery raccoon dressed in a bag was doing at their Christmas function. I was glad that my friend Schildpad was also there and also very glittery!

In further happier news: it’s 3 days before the deadline and guess who’s only just started on her entry for The Sketchbook Project 2013? Yup, me! Thankfully I’m doing a photo log this year, the photo’s are all shot and printed, so all I have to do is… the rest. *goes to work*