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The Sketchbook Project 2014 updates

Last Friday was the opening night of The Sketchbook Project 2014. I would have loved to be there, but while Breukelen might be semi next door to where I am (32 minutes by train, to be precise), Brooklyn is not, so I had to live vicariously through the photos posted. I was very exited to receive a notification telling me that somebody had checked out my sketchbook on the night itself. I take it as a sign that my book’s tour is off to a good start!

For those of you who do not live anywhere close to the tour stops, it is now also viewable online, either by going to the search page and entering ‘LogPoes’ or directly by clicking this link.

Today I also got an email telling me that the sign up for The Sketchbook 2015 has started (no, that is not a sponsored link), I for one am looking forward to doing the project again next year (well, technically it’s this year, but for next year), especially now that my craft supplies are all organised ‘n sh*t. Oh, and in case you’re new here and going “Que?” and/or if you want to read more on The Sketchbook Project, here is an article that explains a bit of the Why and the How.


Cleaning out my closet (literally)

I’m often in awe of people who seem to manage to keep up with it all: their studies, a job, a social life, the internet. I oftentimes can’t even keep up with one of them, let alone all of them. In the last year and a half or so, I find myself unplugging from the internet more and more, in favor of Alone Time (read: lots of sleep, mostly). And the longer I’m away from it, the harder it get to come back to it, like with anything in life really.

At least, that’s how things work for me: if I don’t force myself to do things and keep doing them on a regular basis, after an X amount of time even a simple thing like going to the supermarket will become this huge, almost impossible feat. Especially when it’s cold outside. Offers for jobs in warmer, constant climates are very welcome and can be sent to

But enough about my neuroses, let’s talk about creative stuff. As some of you might know, I tend to fancy myself a bit of an ~artiste~ enjoy glueing stuff to other stuff using Mod Podge. And as anyone who’s ever gone to kindergarten embarked on a creative project knows, if you don’t clean up immediately after using things, it will all turn into a huge mess. Which is what happened. The last time I sorted out my craft/art supplies, was, uh, never. Oops. Like I mentioned in my post on the Sketchbook Project, it got to a point that I couldn’t even find essentials like my cutting boards and my ruler. So, I reorganized my whole craft supplies closet.

After 3 hours of sorting and throwing away 5 boxes of unusable junk, this is the result (click to embiggen):

Rolling thing


Crafty stuff

Apart from the great feeling to (I’d almost say finally) have a grasp on something again, knowing exactly what I have and where it is, has ~awakened a creative fire in me~ given me ideas for future projects. Which, considering that I’ve been in a creative slump for (what feels like) eons, feels pretty great.

The Sketchbook Project 2014

This time, I started really early: since gluing stuff onto other stuff using mod podge doesn’t require thinking skills, I managed to do the backgrounds sometime in October, when I was stuck at home with pneumonia. Since remembering to take pictures apparently does require brain activity, I didn’t take any pictures during my epic glue-a-thon. I forgot.

Fast forward to a week and a half ago: after having thought about what I wanted to do and drawing a terrifying blank for months, I was ready to give up on the whole thing. Since that would be 1) a shitty beginning of the new year and 2) a waste of all my fancy backgrounds, I worked my magic (read: I honestly have no clue what I did) and voilà: A Concept.

I decided to go for a selection of pictures taken in 2013, subdivided in 5 categories: adventures, animals, Clark Cat, street art, and pics because it happened. It took quite a while to narrow the themes and the pictures down, but once I did, I had a clear vision of what the book was going to look like. For some reason, a couple of the pictures were printed not quite as I had wanted them (edges were cut off), but since I had zero time to figure out why that was and/or get them reprinted, I went with my new mantra, which is “done is better than perfect”. Also, I figured that I know what the pictures are supposed to look like, other people don’t.

After pasting all the photo’s onto the pages, I wrote descriptions that I printed out. I then realised that I had NO CLUE where I’d left my special crafting cutting boards, since I’d put them away sometime in October, while having a fever. So, keeping with the “done is better than perfect” theme, I just grabbed one of the cutting boards from my kitchen and cut everything into shape freehand.

When everything was done, I first scanned all the pages, then took pictures of all the pages and only then bound the whole thing together. It turned out extremely thick and unfortunately also quite fragile: had I had more time, I would have figured out a way to actually rebind the whole thing with a back and such. Now I just stuffed it into an envelope, ran to the supermarket to post it and hoped for the best.

The sketchbook has already arrived in Brooklyn (in less than a week!) and will be scanned, I will of course post a link as soon as one is available. For now, a photo set of the process containing a sneak peek can be found here: click!

Happy 2014, debittering and The Sketchbook Project 2014

First of all: a happy 2014 to everyone! I actually made a sorta kinda resolution this year, which is not be such a bitter bitch when it comes to my studies. I started off on the right foot by making this my new school bag:

Things are looking up

Isn’t it awesome? I got it at HEMA of course. Hema rules.

I’m also doing the Sketchbook Project thing again, I have made improvements concerning my Exaggerated General Postponal Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EGPD-NOS), because I’m already 70% done and the deadline is tomorrow. Yes, that scares me a little too. Pictures of the process are of course to follow.