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Short round up/update

Despite being three days late, this post will be a short one as I am taking a break from studying linguistics for tomorrow’s exam. For all the people thinking “I am sick and tired of hearing about your studies!”: so I am. Unfortunately, not much else happens around here at the moment, well, except for cat snuggling and sleep.

Let’s see: since the write-a-ton, I have finished a 2500 word final and a review for one class, a 3000 word final for another, and played Hamlet, of Hamlet fame. While probably not as convincing as my MacBethian witch last year, there was applause and nobody threw things at me, so I’ll just consider it a success.

In the coming 5 days, I will have 2 two hour exams and I will need to finish up my 30 page writing portfolio by writing a 15 page story. I will also be crafting a folder in which said portfolio will be presented, I will of course take pictures that I will post here later. When all that is done, I will “only” have to rewrite my proposal, read a 600+ page book, write an abstract about it and then do a presentation about it, and that will be it for this year. Unless I have resits of course, but I haven’t had any results from anything yet, so I’m not worrying about that right now. And back to studying linguistics I go!


Success! (and a windmill picture)

Last week’s write a ton was successful, thankfully one of the essay deadlines got extended a couple of days, which gave me just enough room to breathe. I really hope that I’ll get passing grades and never ever ever ever have to do this again, because it’s neither healthy nor fun.

What is fun, is that I got my results back from the “Introduction to your thesis“-class, which I managed to pass, which is yay. I’m still working on the proposal though, mostly because I have prioritised all my other writing and haven’t paid a lot of attention to it. Hopefully, I’ll finish it sometime in the coming week, together with a film review and probably something else that is due but that I can’t recall right now. My schedule knows, so I’ll figure it out.

For now, have a picture I shot of the windmill at the end of the street, no filter:


Same old, same old

As frustration levels have been up and rising due to endless repetition of the same old, same old (= general incompetence on the part of The Powers That Be, basically) combined with a significantly lowered tolerance level on my part due to still being quite tired and oh, also because of almost 4 years of same old, same old, I did not manage to produce a blogpost that didn’t have me complain endlessly about how tired I am of, you guessed it, the same old, same old. Things will however have to be solved (or solve themselves) by the end of next week, as that is the end of this block.

Fun posts will eventually happen here again, fear not. For now, have a nightly canal picture:


State of the Studies

Just one more paper to write this week and I’ll be done with this semester. All together now: yay! Next week however, the first block of the second semester starts, so apart from writing the paper, I will also have to start preparing for that.

I’ll be taking two classes, one will be a repeat (Shakespeare) and the other will be a “start up your thesis”-class. I already  have a general idea of what I want to write about, so I’m on schedule with that. Let’s hope I manage to find a supervisor who is into my idea, or if not, that I figure out something else to write about quickly, as I have to hand in a quarter of the thesis at the end of block 1, which is in 8 weeks.

Block 2 starts immediately after that and it will be a super busy block for me: not only does the Shakespeare class continue, I will also start two other classes. One (modern and contemporary literature) I’ve already taken and Creative Writing, which is a completely new class. On top of that there’s still a long-lingering exam from last year that I need to do sometime in May. It should all be possible if I stay healthy and/or don’t freak the f*ck out, so I’ll be checking myself as not to be wrecking myself.

I am really looking forward to the next semester starting, as it will be the semester in which I finish up the largest bulk of what I still have to do, leaving only a thesis and the class I dropped last semester to be done in the next academic year. Strangely enough, I’m actually starting to sort of enjoy the process, probably because it’s finally a manageable amount of work: my “Things to be done to get degree”-document where I detail each and every mini quiz, test, essay, paper, and presentation I still need to do, is now only 2 1/2 pages long! Yes, this is including the class where they make us take 26 tests to get to one grade. Yes, that is excessive, but in line with my debittering, I’ve decided to not let myself get annoyed with it. But yes, in short: it’s still a lot of work, but the end is in sight, and I’m actually quite stoked for the coming months.

Anti-bucket list

As I spent this weekend either sleeping or writing essays, I had less than zero inspiration/material for a blogpost. Sure, I could post (yet) another “me and Clark are snuggling“-picture, because he really IS the cutest, but then I’d have to rename this blog “Your friend Clark” and make it a cat blog.

The Daily Post’s writing prompt to the rescue! While they’re always good prompts prompt-wise, I have never really felt the need to answer one of them, because they’re usually not relevant to my life in general and to this blog specifically. Today’s prompt however, was perfect: “What are the top items on your anti-bucket list — those things you never, ever want to do, places you never want to visit, books you never want to read, etc.?”

I often feel like my life is ruled by schedules and to do lists, and I am aware that that gives off the impression that I’m trying to do ~all the things~. Trust me, I’m not, I’m just having THE hardest time doing the preselected things I need/want to do, because like I said on my Dutch blog: ‘At the end of my energy, there’s still stuff to do left’. File under: the joys of chronic illness.

7 semi-random things I’ll never ever want to do ever (again), an incomplete, medium-sized anti-bucket list:

  1. Go camping/trekking/backpacking;
  2. Read those horrible click-baity, SEO-friendly listicle blogposts;
  3. Write one of those horrible listicle-blogposts, maybe except for one called “10 reasons why I don’t care about your wannabe pro-blogger, SEO-friendly listicle blogposts”;
  4. Live without a cat for a longer period of time;
  5. Do any kind of studies at the UvA after I finish my BA;
  6. Finish books/movies/series I don’t enjoy;
  7. Hang out in places/with people that make me uncomfortable.

I am quite sure that I’ll think of at least 23 other things when I’m in the middle of polishing up my last essay in (hopefully) 20 minutes, but this will have to do for now. As always, feel free to (dis)agree and/or add your own (anti-)bucket list items in the comment section! 🙂

Health issues and Halloween

Last week was a real culmination of s*ck: after three weeks of “I feel sick” – “I feel better”- “Nope, I feel sick again”, I actually developed a fever and had to stay home. I also decided that I had to drop a class, because I know that if I don’t, I will end up ill and overexerted by the time this semester is over and I still have a (very packed) second semester to go this year, so that would be a recipe for disaster. I am however seriously bummed that I had to drop the class, but I know it’s for the best. And because misery loves company, Clark had to have emergency surgery to remove a lump that, against even the vet’s expectations, fortunately turned out to be benign. He is recuperating well and is back to his core business of snuggling. He’s actually doing so right now.

Because of this, I am still catching up on things like this blogpost, that should have happened on Sunday. To make up for this, two things:

1) Clark and I during our Halloween party (read: I put make up on, woke him up, we took a picture, I took my make up off and we both went back to sleep:


2) On Monday morning, when I was feeling like death warmed up (I am a night person, people!), a classmate asked me where I lived. When I told her I lived in Amsterdam, she asked “Do you live by yourself, or with your parents?” Which I found beyond adorable, considering I turn 39 in about 6 weeks. 😀

Next week, I’ll have a post about make up. To quote Dr. Frank N Furter:

LP Style zine!

Yes peeps, it has finally happened!

LP Style collageClick to embiggen!

I have finished the LP Style zine I began as a 24 Hour Zine Thing in 2012! It has grown into a 36 page, A5 story about the evolution of my style from kiddo (yes, there are toddler pictures of me in this zine!) to now, and how factors like my chronic illness, me being a foreigner and my non-conforming personality have influenced the way I look.

Because I am apparently unable to keep things short, there’s a zine-within-a-zine in the middle called “Story Time with LP”, where I write about getting my first tattoo and tell the story of why I always wear shorts. Trust me, this is a story you want to read!

The zine is available for 2 euros + shipping (NL: € 1.28, Europe + rest of the world: € 3.15) at my Etsy store, or by contacting me directly through LogPoes at gmail dot com. Trades are, as always, very welcome!

I already have 4 subscribers to my mailing list, and only one of them is my mom, so let’s keep a good thing going and subscribe if you want to be kept up to date on my zine activities!

Behind the scenes renovations

I am changing some things around here at YourfriendLP, like adding the option to follow my blog through Bloglovin’ for those who are into that:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

A real YFLP post will appear again on Sunday (the 14th).

Summer Bloggin’ Day 58: Clark in motion

Since the most important thing on the internet are cats and gifs, have a cat gif of Clark in his new cat bed:

Clark sleepy.gif

Summer Bloggin’ Day 44: Potato heart

Today in Accidental Discoveries Pre-Dinnertime, “How cute is this?”-edition:


Yes, I did eat it. It tasted exactly like the other potatoes.