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Summer Bloggin’ Day 16: Le Tired (and a link to London photos)

Today I was feeling Le Tired and then started thinking about where I picked that (by now probably quite annoying) “Le [foo]” habit up, so I asked my dear friend the Googelie and was re-introduced to this glorious piece of internet history:


Curious as always, I checked to see when this was first unleashed uploaded onto the internet. I guessed it was around 2008 or so… IT WAS IN 2003!!! I now feel Le old.

For those going “London pictures!? Where?”: here. I’ve added descriptions and more info to each and every one of them, please make sure to read those also, because without them things might not make much sense. And also a bit because it took me about 4 hours to write them. And if that is not incentive enough, there’s a squirrel picture in there somewhere.

Summer Bloggin’ Day 14: On Zines

July is, as always, International Zine Month, which has an awesome calendar with things to do for each day. One day, I will do all the things on that list, but not this year: I am prioritising actually WRITING a zine (or two). It’s been so long since my last zine that I almost feel like I can’t claim being a zinester anymore.

Things I will be doing is catch up on the zine world: I am also completely out of the loop regarding zines that have come out and/or that are a must read, even from my favorite zinesters. I will also be going through my zine collection and see if there are zines I am ready to part with, and find a new home for them. It just feels like a waste to have zines locked up in a box where they could be in a zine library somewhere, being read and enjoyed by many. And it’s of course also part of my ongoing sepsis attempt to downside my belongings to half a shipping container. Yes, including furniture. Which is still quite an amount of stuff for one person and a cat, really.

I have also been thinking a lot about my ~future~ as a zine maker. Between me being a total disaster at self promotion/networking, there not being much of a zine community in The Netherlands and both printing and postage costs rising significantly, I’m not sure how long it will make sense for me to have printed copies of my zines available. While it does break my heart a little as one of the main reasons I love zines is the tangibility of it, I do write zines because I want them to be read: having boxes of my unsold/untraded zines gathering dust on top of my drawer is completely useless. Just putting them online as a pdf on Issuu would be easier and cheaper, but still, I’m conflicted. Any thoughts/ideas are, as always, welcome.

Summer Bloggin’ Day 12: Cat Framing

Since I was too tired to do anything that needed creativity or heavy thinking, I decided that today would be the day on which I would finally frame the Deth P. Sun print I got… a year and a half ago. Yes, I had to check my own tumblr for that.

Me not framing it up to now was not a case of The Lazy and The Overwhelm, but a case of Finding a Frame: if you thought the whole US vs Other Places paper issues were complex, the sizing of picture frames makes no sense at all. On someblog somewhere I saw that Flying Tiger was selling LP record frames and, well, got one.

I of course also dropped by my friends at Vlieger Papier (who, like Flying Tiger, are still not sponsoring me) for a nice background, which is what you can see in the first picture on the top left:

Cat framing

On the top right you can see the LP record frame, on the bottom left you can see my very sophisticated way of measuring everything out and on the bottom right you see the end result. Sometime this summer I will be redoing my walls, pictures of what will probably end up being a complete wall of cat (related) art will of course be posted!

Summer Bloggin’ Day 10: Witchy Magic

Yesterday, after my silkscreen course, I decided to go for a veggieburger at the burgerplace. Since I was the only person there and they only have gigantic, 10 person booths, I took up an entire booth all by myself. At some point it got busier and a young couple asked if they could sit with me and I went “Of course!” because of course.

We got into a conversation and it turned out that they were visiting from Belarus. They had just gotten here from Vilnius, where it had been 31 degrees Celsius (that’s around 88 in Fahrenheit), and here it was around 17 (63F) and dreary, so they were cold and a bit disappointed. We talked for a while and when I left, I told them not to worry about the weather, as I would do my magic anti-rain, pro-sun dance later that evening, especially for them. No guarantee of course, but I would do my best. I was, of course, joking.

Today it was 27 degrees (80F) and very, very muggy. I think it’s time I start taking my magical witchy powers a bit more seriously… *wheezes and goes off to find an inhaler*

Summer Bloggin’ Day 8: Proof

While going through all the photos in my camera at the moment, I found proof that Clark, nosesleeper extraordinaire, does know how to sleep like a regular cat:

Clark sleeping like a cat

Well, sorta. #handsleeping

Summer Bloggin’ Day 6: Nails & Thoughts (while waiting for the nails to dry) (part 2)

Part 1 can be found here.

So while in London I of course bought some new nail polishes, because I am a shopaholic, basically. Have a lovely “definitely staged and reworked to make the colours seem more like they actually are”-picture:

Barry M polishes

From left to right we have 356 Berry Cosmo, 349 Rose Quartz Glitter (this is a re-buy), 273 Raspberry and 421 Bikini, which is a limited edition gift with purchase colour. It’s also really pretty.

Of course I again had some wonderfully random thoughts while waiting for the polish to dry, that will most likely prove that I just don’t understand life, really. Here we go!

- For the longest time, I thought Sex and the City was a comedy, as in: a parody. Apparently it’s not, and there are heaps of women who take it very seriously and who aspire to be like the ladies in the series. This still baffles me like whoa.

- In the same vein: all those misogynistic “b*tches on my d*ck”-type lyrics? I thought they were ~ironic~, in the sense of “what is the most offensive thing I can think of to say?”, and then say it. You know, a bit like school kids yell “Pooop!” and feel like they’re all cool ‘n shit? Or maybe I was right and it is? Is there somebody out there who knows more about this lyrical phenomenon?

- Semi-related because lyric-y: the Rum Tum Tugger out of the musical Cats. Apparently, he’s “a curious cat”. This statement is backed up by the following lyrics

“If you offer me pheasant, I’d rather have grouse
If you put me in a house, I would much prefer a flat
If you put me in a flat, then I’d rather have a house
If you set me on a mouse, then I only want a rat
If you set me on a rat, then I’d rather chase a mouse”

Uhm, no. Everyone who’s ever been around a cat can tell you this only proves that the Rum Tug Tugger is a completely ordinary cat. A terrible bore that is always on the wrong side of every door: yes. But not a curious cat. Thinking about this also reminded me how I absolutely loathe Cats the musical and how disgustingly catchy it is.

But what I mostly thought about was how useless it was that I was doing my nails, as I’m starting a week of screenprinting workshops tomorrow. Oh well…

Summer Bloggin’ Day 4: How this year was (recap)

To start on a positive: this academic year was a lot more successful than the last, and not only because it really couldn’t get much worse. Like I wrote about a bit before, my experience at Berkeley did change my outlook a lot, in the sense that I realised that it’s not me, it’s probably not even this particular university, it’s just a mismatch. Knowing this, I gave up on hoping that Things Would Get Better and just resigned myself to the fact that I am not going to get the University Experience I was hoping for. Tough luck.

Instead, I focussed on trying to take the best care of myself as possible, and to focus on finding healthier ways of dealing with my extreme exam terror, which I have always suffered from in some form or another, but which (re)intensified like whoa last academic year. While it’s still a “trial and error” process with setbacks here and there, I have finally managed to pass a class I got stuck on because of always being sick on the exam date, and passed the exam I walked out of a year ago, so I did make some good progress.

I also made a conscious effort to not be such a bitter bitch about my studies. While I refuse to lie and tell everybody I’m having the time of my life, my at some point near-constant whinging, whining and why-meee-ing REALLY annoyed the bleep out of me, so I’m quite sure other people were f*cking sick of it too. And besides, it didn’t change anything, it only killed off the little fun I sometimes did have.

So nowadays I just tend to talk about it as little as possible, really. I’ve come to consider it as a shitty job situation: we’ve all had them. And the huge advantage of this “shitty job” is, that it has a clear end date and a diploma at the end. With my previous shitty jobs, there was no clear end date and no reward at the end, so my current situation is clearly preferrable to that.

On top of this, I did get some practical help and have resigned myself to being That Student, the one who needs extentions and exceptions on a regular basis. The one who will never really be caught up completely, and who will only rarely be able to perform her best due to the unfortunate combination of bad health and excessive amounts of work to be done in too short an amount of time. And while it is not the way I want to do my studies, it is the only way in which I will ever get a degree in this “8-8-4, heaps of fragmented material, no breaks, we teach a class once a year and change the program around all the damn time”-program. Which, mind you, was not the program I signed up for when I enrolled. *yells “I want my semesters back!”*

What also helped, was getting WAY more alone time and sleep, and having my horrid neighbours move. No more 24/7 uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss at a “just too loud to ignore, just too low to complain”-level (yes, dude thought he was a dj), no more general bad vibes and stale sigarette smoke chronically wafting underneath my door. What a relief it was when I saw their house was empty. My new neighbour seems like a chill guy, hoping things will stay that way, he’s been living here since December or so, so I’m not expecting a sudden personality transplant. Still keeping fingers crossed.

So yeah, in short: things were not magically wonderful, but a lot better than the year before, and I’m definitely inching towards my degree.

Summer Bloggin’ day 2: Camp NaNoWriMo Projects (The Berk and Zine #2)

Although I’m suffering a bit from the good old “I’ve worked so hard on something so important for such a long time and now that I’m done I don’t know what to do with myself”-feeling that I always suffer from at the end of the year, I have already collected all my photos from London, started writing a bit for Camp NaNoWriMo and am half way through unpacking my suitcases/washing my stuff. Priorities, I clearly have them.

Wait, let me put up my participant banner before I forget:


Here, it’s all official now.

As I’ve written before, the two main things I will be working on are the sequels to The Summer. The final zine is going to be called The Berk, and is, probably quite unsurprisingly with a title like that, going to be about my adventures in Berkeley (and) at Berkeley. I kept an extensive diary when I was there, so I already have a lot to work off from, plus my pictures of course.

The second zine (working title: Zine #2) is going to be trickier: I want to write about the time in between The Summer and The Berk. Yup, that’s going to be some painful and sensitive material, and I am not sure yet if I will eventually publish it. On the one hand, it might be good to just get it out there and give the group of alluded to Pink Elephants in the room a name and a party hat. On the other hand, especially with me not hermetically guarding the line between my IRL and online persona anymore, it is scary. For now, I’ve decided that I am going to write it first, and decide later. Any thoughts, experiences and/or tips and tricks are very much welcome of course!

Summer’s here!

Yup, I’m back! Five days later than I promised I would be, which is completely in line with how this entire academic year has been: things took more time than they should have, but they got done eventually. Also, leaving for London within less than 24 hours after finishing my last presentation of the year and thinking I would be able to not only sleep, pack and also update all of my internet presences turned out to be, well, quite unrealistic. So getting to London happened, the updating did not.

Anyway, my academic year is done, I am of course still waiting for results to be finalized, but I am done. Later this week, I will be writing an “How This Year Was”-post, and I am quite curious as to what my own conclusion will be. So that will be happening. What will also be happening, is Summer Bloggin’. Two years ago, I did LP’s Excellent Staycation 2012 and quite liked it as a way of keeping track of my progress, so will be doing something similar this year. Since I will be travelling tomorrow (I am still in London right now), I will start on the 2 July, not the first. See? I am learning!

Another thing I will be starting on the 2nd, is Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m hoping to generate enough material for the two zines that follow The Summer, so I’ll be able to finish up this trilogy. There are also still some other, shorter, zine projects that need finishing up, so I’m hoping to get to that too.

And because I am apparently unable to Not Do Anything, apart from doing some study related stuff for the next academic year, I’m also going to work on my Sketchbook Project 2015. I’m really hoping that this year I won’t have to finish it in a rush in January as usual. Oh, and I’m also doing two week long CREA courses, because if I don’t leave the house once in a while, I will end up not wanting to leave my house EVER AGAIN, and that’s just unpractical, if not unhealthy.

So yeah, while that might sound like a huge to do list waiting to be tackled, I’m actually looking forward to doing all this. I’ve sort of resigned myself that during the academic year, I just don’t have time to do many of the things I enjoy doing and I’m glad to have two months to do ALL OF THE THINGS I enjoy. *goes to pack her suitcase*

Glueing stuff onto other stuff (a semi-’how to’)

As promised, pictures of the “pasting pictures on board”-thing. When I found out that I’d have the chance to put some of my pictures up during the CREA exhibition, I figured it would be cool to have them mounted onto board, so I checked out the prices. At around 13 euros per 20 x 30 photo, times 6, this turned out to be a bit… above budget, let’s say.

So I decided to visit my dear friends at Vlieger Papier to see if there was a way of doing it myself. And there was! For 8 euro 40, I got two 50 x 70 boards, which is enough for 8 photos. I then got my pictures printed at Fotostudio Heno, they were around 4 euros a piece and done in 20 minutes, which, considering that I was semi-late as usual, was excellent. And no, neither store is paying me to say this. Or paying me at all, really. :-D

On to the pictures!

Pictures on board

From left to right, top to bottom: thinking I would buy small A4 sized boards, I went to Vlieger right before class. Which resulted in me going to class carrying this huge package; the two boards looking all pretty; the pictures; doing a layout.

Pictures on board 2

Right to left: I then cut the boards into 4 more manageable pieces and glued the photos onto them with regular ol’ photo glue (no mod podge!); once semi-dry (I was in a hurry) I cut the boards to exact size.

Pictures on board done!

An hour and a severely cramping wrist later, they were done.

Pictures on the wall


And this is what they looked like at the exhibit. Pretty fancy, right?


Public Service Announcement: As you might know, I am trying to finish up a ridiculous amount of study related work. And since despite being 38, I am still a procrastinating teenager at heart AND in practice, I have decided to go all mom on myself and unplug from the internet until the 25th of June. *BRB inching towards my degree*


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