The Summer zine is here!

by LP

First, a song:

Click and enjoy! (For more of The Copy Scams (who are awesome and also on tour in England right now) go here)

With that out of the way, here it is, the eternal work in progress, the bane of my existence, The Summer zine:

It’s 32 pages, A5, text and pictures, and the first 35 copies have a lovely red cover and come with a LogPoes button. It is available for 2 euros + shipping depending on wherever you are (NL 1 euro, EU 2,55 euro, rest of the world 2,85 euro) here in my brand new Etsy shop (which also has a couple of my other zines) or, for the non-Etsy peeps, by emailing me at Zine trades are also welcome of course!